The boil order is lifted. Effective immediately, people living at Ellsworth Air Force Base and Antelope Ridge can use their water. Vandenberg Elementary School has also been cleared.

As Air Force crews flush their water system, they are asking those who were affected to do the same.

They want those people to run their water for 15 minutes at all taps and let ice makers go three cycles before using the water.

The 'all clear' is based on water testing results conducted by the 28th Medical Operations Squadron bio-environmental engineering flight. More than 20 water samples were taken Sunday through Monday at various locations across the base, with the last of the results returning Tuesday afternoon. All samples tested negative for E. Coli.

"We went above and beyond to ensure the integrity of our system because everything came back negative and different phases of sampling, I'm confident we got it. With E. Coli contamination there is always a possibility but I'm confident we got it," Lt. Col Nick Lynch, commander of the Civil Engineer Squadron, said.

To ensure the water remains safe, Ellsworth personnel will conduct additional tests over the next 30 days.