Projections indicated Rapid City School District enrollment numbers may go up, while internal calculations indicated numbers may go down.

Turns out, preliminary enrollment numbers are just right in the middle.

Dr. Tim Mitchell, Rapid City superintendent, says the preliminary number for 2014, as of Friday, is 13,937.

During this time in 2013, the number was 13,988. That's just a 53 difference in kids compared to this year. By the end of 2013, the number dropped by 360 kids.

Mitchell says it's a good thing numbers aren't showing more kids, since he already had trouble finding teacher for the ones they accounted for. "So if we would have seen dramatic increase like we did a couple years ago, when we had 100 kindergartners showed up that we didn't anticipate, that would have been pretty problematic this year," said Mitchell.

The official number is tallied on the last Friday in Sept. Then the data is released in mid-October.