One Scottsbluff resident appreciates the recent increase in awareness about Lou Gehrig’s Disease, more commonly known as ALS

Kathleen Cox is a resident at Northfield Retirement Communities, and is living with ALS.

On Tuesday,  more than one dozen employees at the health care facility  decided to do their part to promote awareness.

Their “Ice Bucket Challenge” was completed with a skid loader filled with more than 100 pounds of ice water.

Employee Tasheena Pourier says the employees got the idea to participate after seeing the "Ice Bucket Challenge" videos on Facebook.

"And it kind of hit home because Mrs. Cox does have ALS," explains Pourier, "And she’s in our facility and she’s battling it. So we wanted to do something for her.”

“It’s pretty amazing to watch people step up to the plate and raise money for a disease that isn’t well known," says Cox. "And so, it gives it a face and hopefully will make a difference for a lot of people yet to come.”

Currently there is no cure for ALS but through money raised through the Ice Bucket Challenge this year, there is millions more dollars now allocated for research to hopefully find a cure. 

Northfield Retirement Communities CEO Bill Johnson promises that NRC will match each dollar raised by his employees during this challenge.