GERING, Neb.- Friends and family of a local woman recovering from brain surgery are continuing to show their support.

On Friday, a group of Gering High School teachers gathered for a group "family" photo that they will send to their colleague Kelli Larson.

Larson was diagnosed with a brain tumor earlier this year, and recently underwent surgery to have it removed.

Gering staff say Kelli is back in the area and undergoing physical therapy, and they want her to know they're rooting for her recovery.

Staff wore specially made shirts for Kelli as part of a fundraiser to help with medical expenses.

The shirts say '#kelliscorner' on the front, to signify that her friends are in her corner, rooting for her.

"We know that it's showing her that she's loved and she's missed and we want her to fight to get back," said Assistant Principal Shawn Seiler.

The back of the shirts say 'Win The Day,' as a reminder for Kelli to take recovery one day at a time.

"Win The Day' means that every day we want Kelli to fight so that she makes the accomplishments that day, wins that day, so that she can come back 100 percent," said Gering teacher Janelle Schultz.

The t-shirts were designed by one of Kelli's family members, and GHS staff say they plan to wear them every Friday until she returns to campus.