GERING, Neb.- The building that once housed the North Platte Valley Museum is now nearly vacant.

Crews worked this week to remove several of the larger remaining pieces from the former museum.

The artifacts will me moving over to the Legacy of the Plains Museum, near the Scotts Bluff National Monument.

The North Platte Valley Museum and former farm and ranch museum announced the merger last year to form the legacy of the plains.

Part time archivist Amanda Gibbs says the items being moved over will fit in well with existing exhibits.

"We are taking some different artifacts and items from the museum an we're moving them over to the Legacy of the Plains. We have a couple exhibits spaces on the trails and transportation and we’re getting some items moved over there and put into that and a couple other exhibits."

Gibbs says the move is nearly complete, although there are a few odds and ends still in the former museum.