Rounds defends GOP efforts to replace Obama health care law

Represent South Dakota petitioning to fight corruption in state government

Kid Rock hints at potential US Senate run in Michigan

Former South Dakota judge to run for Congress as a Democrat

Lora Hubbel announces official run for South Dakota governor

Conway says White House has "will" to fix nation's opioid crisis

Impeachment Protest takes place in Rapid City

Krebs won't share South Dakota voter data with Trump panel

Laura Armstrong elected Ward 5 alderman in Rapid City

Run-off Election Sees Unusual Voter Turnout

Jackely campaign hires conservative advocacy group founder

SD, Wyoming senators weigh in on GOP health care plan

Initiative would ban out-of-state funds on ballot measures

Dems say they'll slow Senate work over secretive health care bill

GOP senator warns against rushed vote on health care bill

Proposed constitutional amendment blocks lawmakers from killing voter-approved laws

Robot revolution: Is your job at risk?

Senate Democratic leader Billie Sutton to run for governor

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