Shantel Krebs proposes budget cuts to own office

Despite executive order, experts say rural America will keep waiting for high speed internet

White House set to discuss DACA and immigration with Democrats

Legislators discuss upcoming planning session

Stage set for showdown on Capitol Hill over welfare reform

Initiated Measure 24 to appear on 2018 general election ballot

Legal pot's future jeopardized

Attorney General discusses five legislative proposals

New year, no new climate resolutions from the White House

President counts on 2017 momentum to carry agenda for the new year

Charities could be hurt by new GOP tax plan

Advocates split on bill intended to help Gold Star families

Task force plan to make constitutional changes tougher

Governor names replacement for state House representative

Government ethics measure approved to appear on 2018 ballot

Lawmakers look to truck safety during holiday travel season

Man's best friend could speed healing at VA

Newly signed tax bill impacts requirement to buy health insurance

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