Seiler joins race for attorney general

South Dakota WWII pilot honored at Arlington National Cemetery

Supreme Court set to take up Internet sales tax case this week

Paul Ryan not seeking reelection

South Dakota truckers rally against ELD mandate

With the gun industry in the spotlight, study examines Wyoming's dependence

How to spot online propaganda

Congress attempts to solve the pension crisis

'Me too' movement stalled in the senate

FL Senators pushing for states to pass 'red flag' laws

South Dakota arts leaders fighting for funding

Congresswoman Kaptur set to break record, becoming longest serving woman in U.S. House

Hawaii high schoolers join rally against gun violence on Capitol Hill

Lawmakers not buying President's food assistance reform

Push for bipartisan school safety bill on Capitol Hill

Democratic lawmakers fight for Republican support to reinstate net neutrality

Officials warn potential aluminum tariffs could increase beer prices

House Democrats outline priorities, highlight 2018 midterms

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