Trump adminstration warns sanctuary cities

GOP health care bill DOA on House floor

Done deal: Trump approves Keystone XL pipeline

3D Mars flyover created using thousands of real NASA images

South Dakota ranks low in analysis of innovative states

US to recommend approval of Keystone XL pipeline

House intel chief apologizes to Dems for end run to Trump

Spouses of law enforcement speak out about DAPL protest response

Magnitude 4.0 quake, 3 smaller temblors rattle Oklahoma

House intel chair: President Trump may have been 'monitored'

Trump signs bill for Mars exploration

FBI, NSA say no votes were changed but Russia did interfere in US election

Cold weather kills many cherry blossom blooms in DC

Nebraska to drop lawsuit over transgender bathroom policy

Intel senators: No indication Trump Tower was surveilled

Newly declassified films show US nuclear tests

In President Trump's budget plan, guns beat butter

Trump reviewing fuel efficiency rule for new cars, trucks

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