Minot security commander ousted after gun, ammo go missing

Security troops on US nuclear missile base took LSD

Military members aren't the only ones who make a sacrafice

Ellsworth Air Force Base attacking homeless veteran problem with mandatory program

B-1s to roar over Powder River range in major exercise

The "Greatest Generation" to win WW II honored at luncheon

South Dakota Army Guard unit returning from duty in Romania

Air Force has major exercise on Powder River Training Complex

Ellsworth picked as one of 3 bases for new bomber

Ellsworth getting new dorms is a sign of growth

Ellsworth bomber crews strike in Syria

Ellsworth B-1 crews back in the fight against terrorists

Veterans honored for their service in the Vietnam War

West River community leaders invited to National Security Forum

Vietnam War veterans honored in ceremony

First all-female mission for the 34th bomb squadron

More space in store for South Dakota National Guard

KOTA News Extra: Secondary PTSD

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