Super Bowl champion coach speaks in Rapid City

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Three super bowl rings don't often make their way to Rapid City. But today, storied NFL head coach Joe Gibbs was speaking to a group of over 800 people, including many high school coaches from the Black Hills area.

"One thing I've learned in life from being a coach is most coaches are really respected,” said Gibbs. “And they touch a lot of young people’s lives. And we get our best coaches in high school and little league. So I consider it a personal honor every time I get a chance to speak to coaches."

"It was neat to see the coaches in our area, the connection to it all,” said Custer High School athletic director and girls basketball coach Stephanie Ornelas. “And wanting to be successful as coaches and pursue on and encourage our kids further."

"Taking his gameplan for life and being able to relate his gameplan towards our coaching careers and what we do every day with athletes," said Upton High school boys basketball coach Joe Samuelson.

Gibbs' talk and his book titled gameplan for life focused on leading a faith-based life. It also discussed Gibbs' star safety, Sean Taylor, being killed by a burglar in 2007.

"24 years old. Is there a clock ticking on you and I? Absolutely."

Besides the NFL, Gibbs' racing team is a four-time NASCAR champion. He enjoyed his time spent in the Black Hills.

"I got up this morning, we went down to Starbucks and I'm going by Interstate Batteries who's one of our sponsors, Denver Mattress who we race with, we've got Toyotas on the corner, I said, these guys got everything.

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