Yahoo hack the biggest data breach in US history

(CONSUMER REPORTS) - It's the largest data breach in American history. Yahoo now confirming one billion user accounts were hacked, including user names and passwords.

Yahoo is requiring users to change their passwords, but Consumer Reports says you should do more.

It has been investigating cyber security and says there are additional steps you can take to protect your accounts, whether or not they're with Yahoo.

"When you get those security questions, when you're applying for a new service ... the question that asks you what your mother's maiden name is, what street you grew up on, where your home was, where you were born ... you don't have to provide real information in those instances," Chris Raymond of Consumer Reports advised.

Consumer Reports says use random information instead or even use a password manager to generate those answers.

Another tip? Get rid of email accounts you don't use. Because the personal information you used to open it is still out there.