White House supports requiring women to register for draft

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RAPID CITY S.D. (KOTA TV) - The Obama administration is announcing support for requiring women to register for the military draft.

Under current law, women can volunteer to serve in the military but, unlike men, aren't required to register.

It would take an act of congress to add women to the selective service when they turn 18 years old, but he president feels with women already serving, it would be a natural next step.

We spoke with people in KOTA Territory Thursday. Not everyone wanted to share their opinion, but all the men we talked to support it this idea as did most of the women.

"Well hopefully we never have to use the draft again, but part of me thinks yeah it should be required because if men are forced to do it so should women. You know if women are going to be up there on the higher work force like men then year sure” said high school student, Destinee Heizelman.

With his term coming to an end, President Obama's proposal is mostly symbolic.