When is the best time to post for my business on social media?

The art of communicating effectively with your business on social media is a moving target, but all of these statistics have been compiled by leading online marketing analysts and should give you a great head start.

For Facebook, 86% of posts are published during the work week with engagement peaking on Thursday and Friday, and "Likes" actually spiking by 10% on Friday. Around 1PM gets the most shares while 3PM gets the most clicks.

On Twitter, weekdays provide 14% more engagement for businesses, while consumer's engagements and click-through-rate is 17% higher on Wednesdays and Weekends. 5PM is noted for the highest "retweets" while Noon and 6PM is tracked as the highest click-through-rate.

Instragram engagement stays pretty consistent throughout the week, with slight peaks on Mondays and a slight dip on Sundays. Several of the Fortune 500 companies overwhelmingly post during business hours with spikes between 3PM-4PM. But most interaction takes place AFTER business hours.