United States' bike commuters rising; but in Rapid City?

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May 19th is national bike to work day.

On the way to work this morning, bikers stopped for breakfast from the Parks and Recreation Department, celebrating bike to work day and month.

The Federal Highway Administration says that since 2000, bicycle commuting has grown by 62 percent in the U.S.

Black Hills bicycling is growing, but we don’t know how fast.

"We undoubtedly have more,” said Acme Bicycles owner, Tim Rangitsch. “If you go from very little to some, then that's a huge percentage gain. But we definitely have a lot more now."

"My brother runs a bike shop in Spearfish to this day and there's definitely been a strong movement of more people getting on bicycles and just bicycling for recreation," said bike commuter Rory Stone.”

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