Two 40 foot tall flag poles erected in Rapid City

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - What better way to celebrate Flag Day than with a brand new huge American flag.

On Flag Day, the Rapid City’s Club for Boys and a local Boy Scout troop wanted to do something special.

So, a 40 foot flag pole was erected at the Club for Boys Thrift Shop and a flag flew for the first time.

It wouldn't have been possible without a donation by RCS Construction and other volunteers.

This is just one of two new flags, with the other waving in the sky near the Club for Boys.

Maintenance Manager for Club for Boys Thrift Story, Zachary Pengra, "I think that having a flag and fly high is a symbol of how proud we are of this country. Of our city, state, and country. I mean if you can't be proud of the country that you live in and be prominently displayed, I don't understand why you wouldn't if you're able."

They hope that raising this flag and having the boys say the pledge each morning at the club will teach them valuable lessons.

"I hope that it teaches them some respect for our country and our government or flag and the things that we do in the lessons that we try to instill in them," adds Pengra.

There were a handful of guest speakers, including Rapid City Police Chief Karl Jegeris.