Tornadoes and the Enhanced Fujita Scale

Starting April 25, it is severe weather awareness week at KOTA Territory News.

Tornadoes can be a very frightening thing for many people, with an average of 1000 tornadoes every year in the United States you may know know someone who has been effected by one.

How many tornadoes are actually deadly?

Tornadoes come in all strengths and sizes, from weak EF 0-EF 1 tornadoes that account for approximately 85 percent of all tornadoes, but less than 5 percent of all tornado deaths.

Strong tornadoes EF 2 - EF3 tornadoes account for approximaly 15 percent of all tornadoes and are responsible for about 25 percent of all tornado deaths.

Here in KOTA Territory its very rare that we see tornadoes stronger than EF 3, but its not impossible.

Less than 1 percent of all tornadoes are violent EF 4 to EF 5 tornadoes that are responsible for almost 70 percent of all tornado deaths in the United States.

Tornadoes are most likely to occur during the hours of 4 PM through 7 PM in KOTA Territory, but they can happen at anytime during the day.

The peak month for tornado activity is during the month of June with May and July following behind.