Sturgis rally vendor sales are up

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STURGIS, SD (KOTA TV) - After the 75th Sturgis Rally, vendor sales dropped lower than expected for last years' rally.

Well this year, the five vendors we talked to, each said sales had increased from the 76th rally.

The Knuckle Saloon Co-Owner, Bryan Carter, says “The sales for this year’s rally had been up over last year, 2016 and I'm guessing right now just kind of depends how the weekend comes around for us but we're going to be in that 10-15% increase.”

The vendors have to spend a lot of many on different expenses like traveling costs, vendor fees, and other miscellaneous finances to be here.

Freedom Jewelry and Tie Dye Owner, Jeremy Mlnarik, explains, "I got a truck, trailer, and RV, a couple dogs, and a worker. So there are a lot of expenses. The city has their expense; this lot space is $6000."

And they are all trying to make a profit after paying all that money.

But this year, they credit the weather for a big reason of why they are so successful.

Mlnarik exclaims, “It's been a beautiful week. We've actually had mild temperature. When it gets to be 100 it's hard to get people to buy."

Carter says after sales are complete on Friday, August 11, 2017, he thinks The Knuckle Saloon will exceed the total sales from last year.

Another reason sales are up compared to last year could be due to the rally lasting three days longer than in past years, starting on Friday the 4th instead of Monday.