Students tackle truancy thanks to Rapid Ride

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA-TV) Students are back in the swing of things and now more students have the means to get to school on time and ready to go, and for one student in particular, the free student busing from Rapid Ride has made all the difference.....

Students like Lanoah Ttwiss aren't making as many stops for being tardy as they used to, thanks to the help from rapid ride's free student busing.

Lanoah and her teachers, like Brandi Christoffer a student success facilitator at North Middle School, see the difference in her development as a student and as a person with benefits of the bus extend beyond the whiteboard, and teachers say they expect more and more students to take advantage of the free rides to and from school.

"The more the students figure those things out like the time and even just getting comfortable riding it i think we will see and increase in the numbers," Christoffer said.

Teachers say more students also utilize the busing system in the cold weather to avoid long chilly walks to class.