South Dakota year of the ballot

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RAPID CITY, S.D (KOTA-TV) It seems all that anyone talked about when it came to the 2016 election was the fight for the presidency. In South Dakota, there was a mass of ballot issues; some of them extremely important.

When South Dakota voters went to the polls in November, they were peppered with 10 ballot measures, some of them competing and one so convoluted it is now tied down in court.

That was 34 page initiated measure 22, the so called, "Ethics law". With lots of details and sections to create a publicly funded campaign finance program and limit lobbying.

It passed muster with the voters but, failed to impress Republicans who filed a lawsuit.

The fate of this measure remains to be decided.

While prosecutors were not overall in favor of Amendment S, known as Marsy's law, they are abiding by voters wishes; expanding rights provided to crime victims.

Voters were able to cut through the fog of competing ballot issues, an amendment to cap payday loan interest rates and an initiated measure to circumvent that cap.

Voters overwhelmingly opted for Amendment U that set interest rates at no more than 36 percent.