South Dakota student sues school district over Netflix n' Chill'


ELK POINT, S.D. (AP) - A South Dakota high school graduate is suing a school district and two officials for alleged sexual discrimination regarding a school newspaper article.

Addison Ludwig alleges that she was unfairly singled out last September after writing in Elk Point-Jefferson High School's newspaper that her hobbies included, "Netflix n' Chill with my boyfriend." The lawsuit says Principal Travis Aslesen confronted her about the phrase in a closed-door meeting.

Ludwig says she thought the term meant to watch movies, but Aslesen told her it was used to describe casual sex.

The lawsuit alleges the confrontation violated district policy because a staff member of the same gender must be present when discussing sex and gender.

Court documents say Aslesen removed Ludwig from honors study hall and her role as the newspaper's editor.

Aslesen didn't comment.