"Scrubs Camp" gives teens glimpse into medical field

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Popular medical television shows like Scrubs and Grey's Anatomy can spark excitement for the medical field. But most high school students don't have any idea what that work is like. That's where Western Dakota Tech comes in.

"It's fun," Said Markee Norstegaard, a nursing student at WDT. "They're all really enthusiastic. And the students that we've seen so far seem like they're really interested in what they're doing. So that's really neat."

75 ninth through 12th graders from across Western South Dakota attended something called ‘Scrubs Camp.’ They went from station to station, learning where they might fit best.

"This is very important,” said WDT nursing instructor Tracy Payne. "I think it puts them on track as far as what they want to do or maybe don't want to do. They definitely know if they pass out or if they get a little queasy, this is not the area for them. But I think it's sparking a lot of interest."

"It's extremely different. I don't think I'd ever get an actual experience like this anywhere else,” said Kaneysha O'Dell, a sophomore from Hill City. She wants to be a veterinarian. She learned a lot from the chemistry session.

"You're learning in different ways because people teach in different ways, so it's really awesome," said O’Dell.

Students were able to learn about numerous medical programs at the two–year school.

"We've got the brand new sim–lab so I'm excited to get these high school students enrolled so they can use the sim–lab along with my students. I think it's a great opportunity for the community in general," said Payne.

The disciplines the students explored ranged from surgical technology to dental assisting.

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