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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA-TV) - Paula Vogelgesang with PennyWise has come up with more money-saving tips.

Paula Vogelsang with homemade back scratcher

Winter campfire starters can be made from toilet paper and paper towel cardboard center tubes. Simply shred newspapers with scissors and stuff it into the paper tubes. Store in a plastic bag until you need fire starters. Put two or three of these under the kindling and light them. They will quickly start your campfire and you are recycling something you would normally just toss.

Paula also used paper towels soaked in bacon grease in an old egg carton. Why not recycle things you would throw away anyway!

Instead of a pitcher or bottle, use your turkey baster to fill your steam iron. No slopping or spilling of water on the ironing board. It's easy!

Paula has found other uses for a nylon net. A reader wrote and said that she lives alone and has one heck of a time scratching her back when it itches. A corner doesn't always work so well. So a friend brought her a yard of nylon net attached to two shower rings for handles. She tosses the net over her back and easily scratches the itch.

This same friend brought some dishcloths with netting stitched on one side. This is the 'scratcher' side for getting the stuck-on guck off of the plates and the smooth side is for the final washing. Puala used the cloth to mop floors.

You can order your copy of PennyWise at P. O. Box 518, Kadoka, South Dakota 57543-0518, It's $20 for 12 issues.

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