Rapid City wife of likely American spy shares stories

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Many stories have been told of World War II, but maybe none of them quite like this. A Rapid City woman who's husband was likely a spy for the Office of Strategic Services during World War II shares her stories.

Mrs. Eleanore Moe shared her story of Natzi-Germany and life with her late husband Dr. George Moe on Sunday at the South Dakota Air and Space Museum in Box Elder. George was an Army-man, his first assignment in Germany was in the 35th Tank Battalion under General George Patton.

Eleanore says Gen. Patton took good care of his men. With every food ration, men would get a clean pair of socks so they didn’t suffer trench foot.

After George left for war, Eleanore didn't see her husband for nearly two years before the Army decided to let spouses join their husbands overseas.

When Eleanore went to Germany, she attended the famous Nemenburg Trials and followed her husband from post to post.

Eleanore recalled many "parties" she and her husband would attend with fake names. There are many things she looks back on and realizes George wasn't a normal army-man.

"My german wasn't very good,” said Eleanore, “So they had someone to keep Eleanore in the corner and keep her occupied. And what they were really talking about, I will never know.”

Eleanore says there were times her life in Germany was tough. She would spend time with other officers, and not another woman to talk to. Germany had a non-fraternization rule, so she couldn’t even have conversation with the servants.

Although her time in Germany had dark times, Eleanore says she wouldn't trade her life as an army wife for any other.