Rapid City principal kept duffle bag with 'contraband' in school office

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - A Rapid City principal has prompted a clear-cut policy on what educators do with lost and found items, specifically weapons.

Meadowbrook Elementary School principal, Danny Janklow, had a duffle bag filled with items he found on school grounds throughout the years. This included an air soft gun and a BB gun as well as several pocket knives. No other guns were in the bag which was “kept under lock and key,” according to a statement from Katy Urban, Rapid City Area Schools public information manager.

“Mr. Janklow indicates that the items in the bag were found primarily at Horace Mann and North Middle School, with just two items (not weapons) being found at Meadowbrook. Some of the items could be as old as nine years,” Urban said.

“There was no ill intent on the part of the principal; he indicates he simply did not know what to do with the items. The items have now been removed from the school and turned over to police,” Urban continued.

The RCAS policy is that when a weapon is confiscated from a student, it is immediately turned over to the police. However, in the past there was no clear protocol as to how to dispose of it.

RCAS has reinforced its policy today, stating that any weapon or other contraband found on school grounds will be immediately turned over to police.

Other items found at schools are kept in the office until they are claimed or the end of the year. At that time, the items are donated or disposed of.

The RCAS did not state what, if any, disciplinary actions would be taken against Janklow who is still principal at Meadowbrook Elementary School.