Rapid City looking for applicants for their new steering committee

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - The City of Rapid City is seeking applicants to be a part of a project steering committee that will provide guidance on the downtown parking study.

Over the next 6 months this committee of 3-5 people will offer their input on local parking issues, review the progress of the study and consider any additional issues and ideas. According to Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender this study is the first significant step in modernizing and expanding downtown parking and development.

"We will vet this study with the use of a steering committee then ultimately the city council will get it, but I intend to implement it, every part of it that can be conceivably implemented because we have proven over the decades that we're no good at doing our own parking,” said Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender. “We failed with that, although with the best intentions, we have done a poor job over time."

Volunteers of this committee will be required to attend 2-3 steering committee meeting throughout the course of the study. They will not serve in a technical role, but will be reviewing findings and make recommendations at key project milestones.

The deadline to submit your application is July 21st, 2017. To submit your application visit www.rcgov.org.