Rapid City butts heads with Marquette for Hockeyville USA

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Rapid City, S.D. (KOTA-TV) Two towns, both bleed hockey. Rapid City and Marquette, Michigan.
Only one leaves with the title of "Hockeyville, USA” and a massive $100,000.

The Schultz Sisters play for the Rushmore Thunder girls’ varsity team. They both said this money would greatly impact the organization.

"I think it means a lot to us,” Maddie Schultz said. “I mean, for people to think our rink deserves that much and know that we can make fixes to our locker rooms and help hockey evolve and create more space for people to play."

Her older sister Mack added: "with these locker rooms open to little kids and these with the varsity players having a shooting area and a workout area, it will help the development of hockey around here."

Board member Kane Steen said theThunderdome is one of the only self–sustaining hockey rinks in the country. It relies entirely on parents and volunteers.

"We just cannot survive without the support from everybody in the community," he said.

Rapid City has always been known for its lush history and it's always been proud of its tight community. But is this city of nearly 70,000 people known for its hockey? Steen thinks so.

"Rapid City has adopted and become one of the major hubs for youth hockey in the Midwest," he said.

Even Rapid City Rush head coach Mark DeSantis agrees. The team works with Thunder players in the off-season.

"To know that we've got a lot of these Rushmore Thunder players growing in size with the minor hockey, it's just going to keep growing and growing as long as the Rapid City Rush hockey is here," DeSantis said.

Hockey continues to grow, and Rushmore hockey continues to rake in the cash.

It's clear Rapid City is a hockey town, but only time and votes will tell if it is a Hockeyville.

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