Have a Zen summer, quiet 'monkey mind' with mediation

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) Doc Savage, a yoga instructor at The Yoga Studio in Rapid City, sits down with Adam King to discuss yoga and meditation.

With years of instructor experience Savage says, the best way to start meditating, find an instructor that's been training with meditation. Not only can they help you get started with guidance, but they'v walked the path and can share their lessons, successes and failures.

"It sounds easy," King says. "But if you sit down and try to close your eye and turn off, for even five or 10 seconds, it can be a challenge."

One of the biggest challenges you face while meditating is 'monkey mind,' Savage said. That's when you sit down, try to clear your mind but so many thoughts race through your head. Like, what am I doing for dinner tomorrow, did I remember my grocery list, did I turn the stove off?

To start Savage says find a quite space and just focus on your breathing. If you give your mind something to think about and focus on, you can start the process of creating a solid meditation practice.

If that doesn't work, there are other resources out there. Savage recommend an app called Headspace, it's free and offers a 10 for 10 method. It's 10 minutes of guided meditation for 10 days.