People, students watch presidential inauguration

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA-TV) - At home, at work and at school, many people in KOTA Territory spent Friday, January 20, 2017, watching television--watching the change of power, the swearing in of a new president.

Saint Thomas More advanced placement US History class

At the Rapid City VFW, staff setting up for lunch service watched. At the downtown Starbucks in the Hotel Alex Johnson, people were also glued to the TV.

Regardless of political opinions, most seemed engaged in the changing of the guard.

Steve Rolinger says, "A lot of my friends are liberals and democrats and I think they're feeling a little sad today. Those of us who are more conservative, we're looking for eight years of progress. So you have people that have different opinions. I don't want to make them feel bad. At the same time, I feel good."

Thomas Red Bear seemed indifferent. "You know, one president isn't much different from the other, whether they say they're this or they're that."

Clinton Desmond says, "I'm a little nervous for the future of America. I'm a teacher and an arts educator, so those are two areas that are always sort of in the cross hairs."

At high schools across the land, history and government classes spent the morning watching the change of power, the inauguration of Donald John Trump.

Ethan Oleson is a junior at Saint Thomas More High School. "I just feel like it's a big day but I think that it's time for kids our age (to participate). I think this signals a new time for us to be more involved and to really voice our opinion," says Oleson.

Corbin Olson is a senior in advanced placement government. "I was getting goose bumps all over. It was really a cool feeling to know that I am able to live through this," says Olson.

"Most people I know right now seem to be a little excited. I personally am anxious because I do not believe in many of (Trump's) views," says STM junior Emily Allen.

All agreed it is a valuable lesson to watch the peaceful transition of power in the United States.

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