Parking tickets and fees: Where does all that money go?

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - In the year 2015, Rapid City collected nearly $667,000 of revenue from parking tickets and fees. $144,000 came from parking meters, around $250,000 came from lease parking and the rest accumulated from fines and fees. But where does all of this money go?

According to Darrell Shoemaker, the revenue from parking meters leased parking spaces, and from fines and fees during the year goes into the parking lot and area fund. “That is used for upkeep and maintenance of our parking meters, parking ramp, pays for personnel and upkeep, utilities that sort of thing,” says Shoemaker.

Over the past couple of years, downtown has extended its two-hour parking to three hours. According to Darrell Shoemaker, the time was extended to so people would not have to worry about a parking ticket while enjoying the downtown area.