Painting rocks to learn a lesson

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) - Rapid City students are using art to learn a valuable lesson - by painting rocks.

“One of those success skills is embracing diversity. So, the rock project was kind of rooted in that. We talked about how each student is different, much like our rocks that we painted. But, yet we can come to this beautiful school, just like our rocks are a beautiful thing to look at,” said Erin Bauer, Dean of Students at Canyon Lake Elementary.

Some students have been putting their own flair into this unifying project.

Lancee Donovan, a student at Canyon Lake, is excited to express herself through painting these rocks.

“I really just wanted to do it really creative and really, kind of weird like me because that is kind of how I am. I am really creative and sometimes I can be a little weirdo,” said Donovan.

The painted rocks will be kept at the school for future students to enjoy. They also plan on continuing this to create a school tradition.