Officer Tim Doyle's surprise send off parade

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Central High School Liaison Officer Tim Doyle got the surprise of his life Thursday morning.

Students and facility crowded the hallways to show Officer Doyle their appreciation for all he does at the school.

Doyle is finishing out the remainder of the school year and then will be returning to patrol the streets.

When he was still patrolling the streets, right before he started as the liaison officer, Doyle was one of three officers shot.

Doyle was the first to approach a group of four people who were reportedly drinking in public.

The other two officers that responded were both killed but even after getting shot, Doyle survived.

Since joining the police department, Doyle has wanted to be a liaison officer and he got the job the first year he was eligible.

Doyle says, “I was lucky enough to get that position after that first year and I think it's one of those positions you either love or you hate it and you last a year or two or you want to go as long as you can and I wanted to go as long as I can."

When Doyle finishes this school year, he will have been with the school for seven years.

That's the maximum amount time you can be a liaison officer.

With all that time, Doyle's shoes will be hard to fill.

Central High School Principle, Mike Talley, exclaims, “Well Tim, thanks for everything you have done here for the students and staff here at Central. I'm extremely proud to have worked with you and honored to have you here as part of our cobbler family. Just remember once a cobbler always a cobbler.”

Officer Doyle says he's going to miss messing with everyone at the school but will be back to visit often.