Myth or Fact: Wasp spray can be substituted for pepper spray

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - School is back in session and if you are attending college this year you may want a defense tool.

Believe it or not some people believe wasp spray is a good substitute for pepper spray, but is this method effective? According to self-defense instructor and former law enforcement official Rich Ohm, this is only a myth.

“It's not an effective use, it has a chemical in it that is intended to affect the nervous system in bugs and it doesn't do anything to a person other than maybe irate the eyes a little bit," said Ohm.

Alternatively, pepper spray is an irritant that is created to affect the breathing and mucous membrane of humans and will not only slow down an attacker but actually stop him or her. The myth of using wasp spray as a self-defense tool was also put to rest based on the law.

"It's actually right on the label, it says it's illegal to use that in a method that is not used for its intended purpose so to spray it on a person it is actually illegal by the federal government standards," said Ohm.