Mr. Movies: Last movie rental store standing

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - We are living in a digital age where streaming is more common and your favorite movies are now are your fingertips. Movie Rental places have closed all across the country all across the country, including here in Rapid City. However, the Mr. Movies on Sturgis Road is the last one standing and is still up for business.

Human interaction and a huge collection of movies - with an affordable price tag - is what the owner believes gives it its competitive edge.

"I have been coming to Mr. Movies for I don't know may seem like ten years, and I don't have like a lot of people have these HBO, Hulu and all of that, I'm old fashioned. I just come and rent my movies and I enjoy it that way," said 10-year customer Bobby Walton

In the digital age, movie places have been replaced by streaming and Red Box rentals and according to owner Joyce Korth, it’s more of the instant streaming that has been the biggest threat to Mr. Movies. However, despite the digital epidemic, Mr. Movies has something Red Box and instant streaming both lack.

"We can get movies sooner than Netflix and Redbox; usually our new releases are 21 days sooner than they can get them." said Korth

Six-year employee and customer favorite Jennifer Wyman believes it’s the human interaction that gives Mr. Movies a slight edge.

"Customers are able to come in and browse and ask questions get opinions, and the more I get to know my customers the easier it is to recommend movies for them," said Wyman.

There were two locations in Rapid City, but after 21 years in business, the Korths decided to consolidate.

"We just decided we would concentrate on one store because a lot of the customers would visit both stores, so basically competing against ourselves so we just thought we would try to run the one location,” said owner Tom Korth.

Mr. Movies located on Sturgis Road is still open for business and doesn’t have any plans on closing.