Looking ahead to wildfire season

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Last summer we had a lot of wildfires This year the weather might be pointing at fewer flames.
Darren Clabo, the State Fire Meteorologist at the School of Mines says the best way to predict fires in the late summer months is to look at rain in April, May, and June. This year so far, has been similar in precipitation to last year, with above average to average rain numbers, up to this point. But June 2016 was very dry and hot. Clabo says the temperature also plays a big role in the amount of wildfires.

"If we can really break the string of really hot days in the summertime, that's what I'm really looking for,” said Clabo. “So, I understand we're going to see days where it's 95-98 degrees but as long as we can keep those, you know, a day or two at that, and then it returns back to normal, that will mitigate the overall fire danger."

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