Is Rapid City growing too fast?

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RAPID CITY, S.D. ( KOTA TV) - When the new Wal-Mart south of Rapid City off highway 16A and Stumer Road was being built, some people predicted it would cause extreme growth in a short period of time.

Due to the location and a lot of residential neighborhoods surrounding the new Wal-mart, the growth surrounding the area did not take off as some people thought.

In fact, since 2007, the Rushmore Crossing area is growing at a much faster pace. Realistically, there is not much real estate to be had right off the interstate in the Rushmore Crossing area.

Could this mean the next area for expansion will be south of Rapid City? There certainly is a lot of land for sale in the area.

"With the growth of the Buffalo Crossing area on the intersection of Catron Boulevard and Highway 16, a lot could happen in a short amount of time." Darrell Shoemaker, Rapid City spokesman, said. "Potentially, if you go to see the doctor or the orthopedic or whatever and you came in and are leaving on Catron and say, 'Oh, I need to stop at Wal-Mart.' That might be more of a draw if we have more regional people coming in for that medical campus or Black Hills Energy headquarters and stuff like that. That would be a calling card for more development. Obviously with the hotels and all the development popping up, we could see more growth in that area."

Shoemaker says at this time, the Wal-Mart south of Rapid City is more of a neighborhood store whereas the Wal-Mart on Lacrosse Street is more of a regional store because it is right off the interstate.