Introduce peanuts to children at earlier age, new guidelines say

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RAPID CITY, S.D (KOTA-TV) An expert panel at the National Institute of Health issued new guidelines on peanut allergies, and its director calls them a game-changer.

The study says to stop your kids from getting severe peanut allergies, to actually start giving them small amounts before they're six months old.

Experts say parents should start feeding their babies foods containing peanuts before their first birthday, to reduce the risk of potentially deadly allergies.

You should be sure to talk to your doctor first and get your child an allergy test. But once you get the all clear, the time to introduce peanuts depends on your child.

Children with no eczema or no egg allergy and no family history of them, can be fed peanut-based foods at any time; based on family preference.

If your baby has mild to moderate eczema he or she can start eating peanut-based foods around six months age.

If your infant has severe eczema, egg allergies or both, you can either introduce your baby peanut-based foods between four to six months of age or have the child tested first.

In all cases, children should already be introduced to solid foods before eating peanut products.

Previously, the official recommendation was to wait until children were at least three before giving them foods containing peanuts.

But now scientists say there's an early window where the immune system is still forming and you can basically vaccinate your child with regular doses