Importance of being safe while riding a motorcycle

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Within the past 10 days, three motorcyclists have been killed in South Dakota, including two in the Rapid City Area.

Now some motorcycle specialists are warning about the safety of riding a bike.

Experts say the most important thing before riding is to walk around the bike. Make sure to check air pressures, lights, blinkers and break pads.

Wiley Hendrix, with Indian Motorcycle in Sturgis, says always use good judgement on the road.

"The biggest thing is just be aware, keep your head on swivel. As we say in the military people aren't going to see you; you're going to see them long before they see you. Always check your blind spots, check your mirrors, anticipate what somebody might do if they don't see you... especially if you are coming up on an intersection."

Hendrix says to wear a helmet that is properly fitted and comfortable.
Make sure to have protective clothing, such a good riding boots and eye protection.

If you are new to riding or would like more information on motorcycle safety, Hendrix recommends going to a safety course by the South Dakota Safety Council in Rapid City.

Motorcycle safety course: