Grace Balloch Memorial Library gets an official logo

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SPEARFISH, S.D. (KOTA) - For the first time Grace Balloch Memorial Library in Spearfish has an official logo.

The library held a logo design contest this past August. The contest has 39 entries which were reviewed by a committee. Kyle Graves won the contest. His logo is now featured on the library’s Facebook page and will be on next year’s library cards.

“We really wanted something to represent the uniqueness of Spearfish and one of the important things to the Spearfish community is the natural environment. So, that was something that showed up in a lot of the entries we see this in the final entry, as well, and we wanted something to represent the library specifically,” said Amber Wilde, Grace Bolloch Memorial Library Director.

Wilde says that even though the logo is of a book and the library offers more than just reading material, it is still their foundation.