Firefighters undergo rope rescue training at Civic Center

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - It was an unusual sight at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center Ice Arena, as firefighters from Rapid City and Pennington County could be seen rappelling from the catwalks Wednesday, April 19th, 2017.

These firefighters are training in technical rope rescue, a certification that allows them to do a variety of rescue missions, including swift water removal, collapsed building and ice rescue. A number of different stations were set up, using different kinds of rescue scenarios, all part of the certification process.

"So we have two rescue stations at the Rapid City Fire Department and this training benefits them both so we can better serve our community,” said Capt. Calen Maningas with the Rapid City Fire Department. “We have not only have the Black Hills that we will respond for steep angle and high angle rescue's such as cliffs and steeper angles that people need extrication from, but then we also have the industrial environment . Rapid city has a lot of larger plants, larger facilities that provide an industrial aerial hazard where we may have to go in and assist with anyone who's maybe injured on the job site, injured working..."

Maningas said they were grateful to the Civic Center for allowing them to train in the ice arena due to the inclement weather.