Fathers day celebrated all over KOTA Territory

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Fathers around KOTA Territory were celebrating Father's Day in all sorts of ways.

We caught up with three dads around KOTA Territory to see what father’s day meant to them.

A Custer father of two, Matthew May, says, “it's not really a word that really sums it all up; Joyful. It's hard work but it's all worth it."

Meanwhile, another father of two, Troy Kieffer, expressed, “being a dad is tough but it's the best toughness you can have in your life."

But when these dads first found out they were going to be a father they each had a different reaction.

First time dad and father of a 22 day old girl, Daniel Penticoff, says he was “Surprised, scared, and excited all at the same time."

Kieffer laughed while his first words when hear the news was, “Oh crap.”

The thing that is passed on to their children is the lessons these dads instill in their offspring.

"It's the difference between right and wrong and how to think for themselves and solve their own problems. When your dad you are you're raising the future generation of the country and you want to be there for them so they know that they are love and cared for but also that they have to work hard," explains Kieffer.

May's father is no longer around but his legacy lives on.

"He was my mentor, he was my hero. I lost my dad a few years ago and you know he was my hero. He was a firefighter and I hope my kids look up to me the way that I looked up to my dad," adds May.

We want to wish all the dads in KOTA Territory a Happy Father's Day.