Emergency services run through plane crash simulation

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - Emergency crews ran through a plane crash simulation right outside of Rapid City Regional Airport.

Volunteers were outfitted with moulage injuries so that emergency personnel could have a more realistic training.

There were people and debris scattered all over the field.

First Responders evaluated each person and tried to help everyone in a timely manner.

The Federal Aviation Administration requires all airports that have commercial services to do this triannual exercise.

Rapid City Regional Airport Deputy Director, Matt Whitelock, says, “It's a test of the emergency services in the unfortunate event that we actually have a crash. This is a test to see if I emergency systems work and it's not in that test we identify places that we need to update incorrect so that we can improve those plants that they are affective."

If an airplane accident actually happens, units from all over KOTA Territory will respond to call.

Aircraft crashes don't happen often but when they do, first responders around the area will be ready.

Rapid City Fire Department Spokesperson, Jim Bussell, explains, "An aircraft accident is definitely something we would refer to as high risk low frequency event. It's an event we hope never happens but we need to be ready for it.”

The airport staff won't be able to give you any information about who's on the flights when a plane crashes, those questions will be answered by the airline.