East Omaha broken water main to be repaired soon

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) West bound traffic is still down to one lane on the 600 hundred block of East Omaha.

On Jan. 6th, there was a break in a waterline right at a valve. Replacement parts have arrived, but city crews won't begin repair work until Jan. 10th.Which means drivers should continue to expect delays.

According to Rapid City communication coordinator Darrel Shoemaker, it is fairly common during this time of year for waterline breaks.

"All communities during winter months especially when we're going through frost and cold spells like this we will have periodic water line breaks,” said Shoemaker. “Our priority is to get on it as quickly as possible minimize the water service shut off and minimize the detours in traffic."

Work is expected to be complete by late Jan. 10th, or the morning of the11th.