Drake Sutter could be called the 'cabbage patch kid' after growing 14-pound cabbage

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA-TV) - Drake Sutter is a fourth at grader Belle Fourche South Park Elementary who come from a family of green thumbs.

So last year when his third grade class was given jumbo cabbage seeds to grow he was up for the challenge.

Every day he and his grandmother journaled the plants growth and nourished the cabbage with an all natural special treatment that consisted of compost and dead minerals.

"It literally grew over night. Every single day we'd get up and the cabbage was the star of the garden,” said Sally Mason, Drake’s grandma.

The cabbage even earned its name "grandpa cabbage," when Drake’s grandpa protected the cabbage from a hail storm with an umbrella.

Seeing how great the cabbage was doing, Drake’s teacher entered him into the National Bonnie Plants cabbage program.

They heard back this past week and found out that Drake had won a $1,000 check from Bonnie Plants.

"We didn't think we had a chance of winning because you know were against all of the kids in the state and I'm thinking maybe Belle Fourche isn't always on the top of the list fir gardening and stuff,” said Mason.