Black Hills Farmer Market settles into new location

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - The Black Hills Farmer Market is settling in at its new home on the east side of Rapid City.

"Our customer base was also growing really quickly and outgrew our space at Founders Park," said Jessica Stori, the Black Hills Farmers Market Manager. "So we are excited to have a new space where we can grow even larger."

The new location opened in mid-May and already, vendors are seeing the benefits.

"I absolutely love, love the new location," said Gwendolyn Ritzan, a vendor at the market for five years. "From a vendors point of view, we are getting more new customers, more repeat customers, and I feel very safe down here."

One concern addressed by the move is less traffic.

"It's easier access, it's bigger property, people have more store front publicity, I'm a big fan of it and support it wholeheartedly," said Gordon Williamson, a one-year vendor at the market.

The market expects 55 vendors this summer, but they hope the new space will allow more vendors to open up shop.

So far, they have food trucks, community booths, artisans and farmers within a 200 mile radius of Rapid City.

Even though the new location is only two miles from its last home, it creates a new atmosphere for vendors and customers.

"It's a different feeling," said Stori. "It's kind of like a festival. It's a come hang out with us, spend your Saturday with us atmosphere."