American Idol in Rapid City: 400 auditioned, 2 got in

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV) - More than 400 hopefuls lined up outside-e the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, in hopes of making their longtime dream a reality.

“It’s always been my dream to be on American Idol, not the next X Factor, not the next Voice, American Idol,” said Emmalyn Doson from Gillette Wyoming.

American Idol debuted 15 years ago and after a long run, the show decided to call it quits; however, it is back and for the first time ever it held auditions in Rapid City, South Dakota.

I was actually a fan selected city and I feel the turnout is great because people wanted us to be here,” said American Idol casting producer Nancy Yearning.
For many contestants, this audition was more than becoming a star or being on television, it was their way to lose themselves in the music to escape the pain they are suffering from.”

“I’m doing this audition to be the next American Idol, but I am doing this for my mom, “said Florida native Sara Hubert. “She actually passed away last year; she actually took her own life.”

Unfortunately everyone could not make it to the next round, but the contestants who did not make it are not letting it get them down.

“My biggest take way is to probably just keep to keep going. Because of it something that I love and this was good because now I have done it and I have the experience and I can come back and do it again stronger,” said contestant Zoe Keehn.

Two contestants were chosen during the Rapid City auditions and the next step for them is getting a second look for American Idol’s executive producer and if it’s a yes, the lucky contestants will be performing in front of Katy Perry.

American Idol will travel to two more cities before heading home to Los Angeles for a home based audition.