Joint training exercise to recover injured airmen

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BELLE FOURCHE, S.D. ( KOTA TV ) Building better partnerships and utilizing air space is the vision behind the personel training recovery event in Belle Fourche on Wednesday.

Members from Ellsworth Air force Base, the South Dakota Army National Guard and Joint Terminal Attack Controllers or J-TAC's worked together training to save future lives.

The scene presented two airmen who had ejected themselves from their aircraft and are now injured in enemy territory.

Once everyone is in place, the training starts with two B-1 fly overs used to alert the enemy to back off.

"What they were doing essentially is showing a sign of force." Tech Sergeant Jesse said, "To show enemy or anyone in the area know that we have air assets above helping control the air space and doing what we need to do to to help protect the recovery of the downed aircrew members."

Once that is established the South Dakota National Guard used a 60 Blackhawk helicopter and worked with Ellsworth Air Force base and the J-TAC's to rescue the airmen one by one.

"In any situation whether it be an active situation or a training situation, the more we work together the more we can utilize each other and know what each person is doing." Jesse said, "These individuals obviously they had medical injuries, life threatening medical injuries and also recovery so as he mentioned, getting on the radio and starting the recovery process. Letting people know that they are on the ground and they are isolated and if there is any threat in the area to them or recovery forces along with location because you can't get rescued if we don't know where you are and number of survivors."

Which is why joint training sessions are so important.

"If we start practicing together and playing together it becomes more of a benefit factor to help recovery actions work in a more efficient manner." Jesse said.

The training with multiple air force bases on the powder river training complex will conclude on Thursday