29th annual Black Hills Bike Show raise money for two charities

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RAPID CITY S.D. (KOTA-TV) - At the 29th annual Black Hills Bike Show 80-90 custom motorcycles were on display at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center this weekend.
The goal for those would have bikes in the show was prize money up to $2500.
But to win the money you had to win people's choice award and the builders choice award.
If they won the the peoples vote, they could win $1000 but if they won the builders award they could win a $1500 prize.
Although it's not likely, it is possible to win both categories to get a grand total of $2500.
The people voting in the peoples choice is anyone that paid for a ticket to get inside but the builders choice is only people that put together the custom bikes that are on display.
Bike show chairman Rob Burton is hoping for a better turnout today with all the motorcycles that are on display.
Burton added, “We got some very old bikes, we got one bike that was built in 1953 it's one of four in the world. We got several cutting edge custom bikes, we got bike from brand-new from all the different dealers from around the territory, from the very oldest to the very newest with racers to choppers and everything in between."
To see all those bikes cost just $7 but that money went towards the Club for Boys and the Forgotten Elderly who give presents to people in old folk homes during the holiday season.